Spousal Earning Capacity Evaluations

Family Code Section 4331

Allows for examination of a party by a vocational training counselor. The focus of the examination shall be to access the party's ability to obtain competitive employment in the open labor market that would allow the party to maintain himself/herself at the marital standard of living. The court may order the supporting spouse to pay, in addition to spousal support, the necessary expenses and costs of the counseling, retraining, or education.

Vocational Training Counselor

"Vocational training Counselor" for the purpose of this section means an individual with sufficient knowledge, skill, experience, training or education in interviewing, administering, and interpreting tests for analysis of marketable skills. Also formulating career goals, planning courses of training and study, and assessing the job market, to qualify as and expert in vocational training under section 720 of the Evidence Code.

Qualifications Of Vocational Training Counselor

  • A master's degree in the behavioral sciences.

  • Qualified to administer and interpret inventories for assessing career potential.

  • Ability in interviewing clients and assessing marketable skills with understanding of age constraints, physical and mental health, previous education and experience, and time and geographic mobility constraints.

  • Knowledge of education and training programs in the area with costs and time plans for these programs.

Our Evaluation Process Includes

  • Initial Interview

  • Administration of Vocational Aptitude and Interest Testing

  • Earning Capacity Determinations

  • Preparation of Vocational Evaluation Report

  • Deposition

  • Testimony

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